Dr. Dave on Camera Ready & Abel

Dr. Dave on Camera Ready & Abel

(Excerpted from Camera Ready & Abel podcast site:)

What do Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi, Matrix’s Neo, and The Good Doctor Dave Montgomery have in common? They believe in the forcethat is already within themselves, and each of us. Empowerment is the seed from which this beautiful conversation between Barbara Barna Abel and Dr. Dave Montgomery sprouted. Listen in as they discuss the physics of empowerment, uncovering the power within, and Dr. Dave’s journey to becoming a cardiologist and on-screen presence.

Dr. Dave, as he is known in the media space, is a board-certified cardiologist, and has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media outlets. He is the host of the web series, The Good Doctor TV, and of the podcast, The Health Mastery Café with Dr. Dave.

Dr. Dave reminds us that you, as you are today, are enough and letting yourself come through in your fullest expression is the greatest gift you can give, it’s there that lies your purpose.


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