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From the flicker of the TV screen to the exam room at PREventClinic or the pages of Atlanta Magazine’s Top Doctors, the Good Dr. Dave cements his status as a most relatable doctor with a compelling teaching style. Whether he’s decoding medical jargon on NewsNation or making waves on HLN/CNN as a square-jawed, health hero, his unique blend of information and inspiration is universally appealing. He is a double threat as a scientist with a PhD in physiology and an MD, board-certified in cardiology. Dr. Dave is also the author of the forthcoming book, “There Is No Spoon” -a necessity for your personal library. Tune in, turn the page, and find out why Dr. Dave is not just another white coat—he’s the prescription for health and wellness wisdom and motivation.

Board Certified Cardiologist

A board-certified cardiologist with a knack for making achieving health mastery exciting! His contagiously enthusiastic approach to heart health demystifies cardiovascular complexities.

Brain Behind PREvent Clinic

He is not only the founder of a top-rated prevention clinic in Atlanta, but he is also a renowned expert in his field, dedicated to providing exceptional care and innovative solutions to his patients.

Dr. Dave Montgomery

Heart Doctor & Podcaster

Good Doctor podcasts is Centered around ‘YOUR’ Laughter and Wellness

Dr. Dave has crossed the country, asking important questions, talking to celebrities, top experts and GOOD people like you about…you and what makes you tick! While some TV docs may have you questioning the entire medical profession, Dave is here to restore your faith in healthcare by setting the record straight.

Talks from Lab Coats are Yesterday News… Listen from a MedVisionary

Preventive Cardiology Expert

Dr. Dave, also known as David E. Montgomery, is a board-certified cardiologist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also the founder and managing partner of PREventClinic, Inc.

Passion for Health Communication

Dr. Dave is not just a skilled practitioner; he's also a passionate communicator.He has spoken for major organizations like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Teach for America, and community outreach programs.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

Dr.Dave holds Fellow status at the American College of Cardiology and memberships in prominent healthcare organizations, including the American Heart Association and the National Lipid Association.

Health Influencer + Media personality

Dr. Dave hosts "The Good Doctor TV" web series and "The Health Mastery Café with Dr. Dave'' podcast. He previously served as the Contributing Health Editor for Ebony Magazine and Additionally, he appeared in pioneering Pradaxa commercials.

Honors and Recognition

Dr. Dave's exceptional patient care during his residency led to his induction into the esteemed Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Additionally, He has been a regular guest on national talk shows, such as The Steve Harvey Show and Sister Circle Live.

Research & publications

Dr. Montgomery also holds a PhD in Physiology (the study of how the body works) from the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine and has published in a range of medical and scientific journals.

Get A Candid Mix of Insights with Dr. Dave podcast episodes

Expect a mix of informative topics on health that comes in articles, videos, podcasts and sometimes candid talk. 

Primary care

Primary care is the NEXT first line of defense against all health hazards. See how it guides you through check-ups and screenings, helping you manage any health bumps along
the way.

COVID Heart Screening

With COVID-19 affecting hearts in surprising ways, getting screened is your shield against potential risks. These screenings work like health detectives, checking for any sneaky signs that COVID might be messing with your heart's rhythm or function.

Heart Screening

Peek into the activities of your heart with Heart screening that looks out for signs of trouble before turning into something big. Get your thorough check-up for your ticker, so it beats stronger and steady.

Get Your 2 Minute Check Up from Dr. Dave

Welcome to “2 Minute Check Up by Dr. Dave”! Where you can do your diagnoses faster than your doctors!

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“Too often, doctors leave out the keys you can actually use. That’s my specialty! I go beyond the headlines & soundbites to give you true clarity about complex topics.”

–– Dr. Dave

Michele Maddox
Michele Maddox

“Dr. Montgomery is an exceptional and enlightened human being and an extraordinary physician. He is a healer- body, mind and spirit. He exemplifies what doctors should be- compassionate protectors and dedicated scientists. I can’t say enough about him. I know and trust that I am safe in his care.”

Harold Clifton Coleman Jr.
Harold Clifton Coleman Jr.

“I highly advocate patients to consult the practice of Dr Dave Montgomery. Dr Montgomery is the quintessence of excellence in prevention of cardiovascular disease. I highly recommend him without reservation.”

Cledra Mccullers Gross
Cledra Mccullers Gross

“Dr Dave’s passion for wellness is evident with his focus on preventive care. I love the focus of lifestyle changes that are available for all.”

I’ll Break Down The Complex Medical Stuff!!

If there’s anything specific you want me to dive into, just let me know, and I’ll make sure to cover it!

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Dr. Dave doesn’t just stop at TV appearances and podcast hosting. From being the star of his own web series, aptly titled The Good Doctor TV, to gracing the glossy pages of Ebony Magazine as their Contributing Health Editor, he’s everywhere you look. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram for the Latest Updates


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