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Dr. Dave is a sought-after TV personality with command over a broad range of health and wellness topics. He is a frequent contributor on CNN/HLN and WebMD, and has been a regular guest on national talkshows, such as The Steve Harvey Show and Sister Circle Live. He is also frequently featured in a number of local news and radio outlets.

Dr. Dave is the host of the web series, The Good Doctor TV , and of the podcast, The Health Mastery Café with Dr. Dave. He was the principal in two, first-of-its-kind PradaxaTM commercials and was Contributing Health Editor for Ebony Magazine and

Dr. Dave believes that mass media and social media will play a key role in changing the way Americans take control of their health. His following is growing across the social media landscape, a testament to the timeliness of his fresh message and upbeat personality.

I don’t need a heart specialist… but if I did, I’d want it to be you.

–Steve Harvey, Host The Steve Harvey Show

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