Café Episode 33: Amber – Why you don’t want COVID…

In this short series, I speak to everyday people who’ve had COVID-19 and the people on the frontline fight against it.  Each story is different; each story is designed to inform you and to compel you.    WHY YOU DON’T WANT COVID-19…from people who had it and people who treat it. (Video version of  the Health Mastery Café Ep: 33 – full audio at iTunes available 3/23/21)

SKIP TO: (17:05​)- Amber describes the loss taste and smell  (18:25​) – she tells me the only thing she was able to eat after losing her taste and smell (20:27​) – Amber tells us the supplements she took (29:56​): Amber’s advice for the naysayers **(31:40​): Dr. Dave – “it doesn’t play by the rules” (33:45​): Amber talks about why she’s grateful (36:04​): Amber asks me a question (you can be re-infected) **(41:04​): Advice for people previously infected – to test antibodies. (vaccination)