Weight Loss

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…

Countless internet ads and websites tout a way to lose weight without lifting a finger or moving a muscle.  These claims that a product or special process can make you shed the pounds without exercise are attractive to many.  In fact, the market is huge.  Newsflash: if there were a proven pill or product that could reliably cause healthy weight loss without exercise, there would have no obesity pandemic, and somebody would be nauseatingly wealthy because of it!

Face it; it doesn’t exist, nor should it.  There is no magic bullet for excess weight, but there is a solution.

First consider that your body is designed to move!  And things go wrong, sometimes terribly so, when you insist on…putting off the workouts.  A recent study links a sedentary lifestyle with early death.   A tortoise, on the other hand, has a great excuse.  The terrapin is simply not designed to move.  As a result, it can live over 100 years free of diabetes and weight related issues, doing the equivalent of a couch potato, lazing around, eating and drinking plenty and catching up on a few episodes of Lost.

It is true that you COULD lose considerable weight without as much as lifting a finger.  You could lose tons of weight by simply starving yourself for long enough.  But no one would argue that this weight loss is unhealthy—malnourished people definitely look thin, but obviously unhealthy.

Weight loss does not equal healthy!

You have to combine your diet plan, weight loss supplement or program with anindividually designed exercise program to truly lose the weight in a healthy way. Besides, you’ll also have a better shot at doing away with the weight for good.

Exercise Recommendation:  Moderate intensity, aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

The American Heart Association link goes into more detail.

Remember Dr. Dave’s mantra: one size does not fit all, so ask your doctor what exercise program will best suit you.

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