The Good Doctor – Season 1 Premiere

Dr. Dave premieres this web series about what makes us tick, in ways never seen before on TV!

Interview with R&B singer, Kelly Price

I had a blast with R&B singer/song writer, Kelly Price. She talks about her struggles with health and the power of the mind to overcome them.

Then, we sing a Prince cover, Car Karaoke style!

How to save a life…

Do you know how to save someone who collapses from cardiac arrest? It’s easier than you think. I am joined by co-host, Nurse Shams, in this short and informational video. See the short video below.

A more perfect booty…

I loved the Space where I had fun talking to celebrity trainer, Annie, in her studio in Chicago. We talk about the common ways people are exercising and causing injury, particularly to build the gluteal muscles. Don’t miss this!