Men’s Health Quiz


1.What’s the number one cause of death in men ages 25-45? Age 45-65?

2.T or F: Men do NOT get breast cancer.

3.When should you get your first screening for prostate cancer?

4.T or F: Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.

5.What chronic disease(s) runs in your family (both sides)?

6.T or F: People with heart attacks either have bad cholesterol or smoke.

7.T or F: Women are smarter than men.

8.What is the most common form of cancer in males ages 15-35?

9.T or F: Sexual dysfunction is associated with an increased risk of heart artery blockages?

10.T or F: A man CANNOT conceive if he has had a vasectomy.

1.25-45?: Accidents/Unintentional injuries! 45-65?: Heart disease!

2.False.  This is rare but breast cancer can occur in men.  There is gland tissue in the breast of men, although a lot less.  Men at risk for breast cancer typically have strong family history of breast cancer due to a gene called BRCA gene. (see answer to #5)

3. 50 years old.  However, a man’s risk for prostate cancer increases significantly if he has a family history of prostate cancer.  In those men, the age for prostate cancer screening may be as early as 40 or 45 years of age.  Screening can be done with an exam and/or a blood test.  Ask your doctor which one is appropriate for you.

4.True.  The stuff in cigarettes can destroy the inside lining of your blood vessels and therefore cause them to function poorly.  Blood vessels are everywhere!  The blood vessels in your member are responsible for getting and keeping erections.  Get it?

5.Open- ended: Know your family’s medical history.  This will help you know what conditions/diseases you are at higher risk for and will arm with the tools to fight most of them off in many cases.

6.False. 50% of people with heart attacks have normal cholesterol! Smoking increases your risk of heart attack each cigarette you smoke.  The longer you smoke the higher your risk. But only 20% of all people with heart attacks are smokers.  This means that there are many other factors that determine your risk for a heart attack.

7.LOL!!!- This one’s a bye!  Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

8.Testicular cancer is the most common in males ages 15-35.  Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable cancers.  Men should take care to do a testicular self-exam and note what your testicles normally feel like.  If you are unsure about it, ask your doctor!

9.True.  Recent studies are showing that there is a link between sexual dysfunction in men and heart disease.  Exercise, heart healthy dieting, portion control and taking your medications (if applicable) can be the key here.

10.False.  There is a 1/1,000 chance that a man can still inseminate after a vasectomy (surgical disruption of the tubes in which sperm travels) due to spontaneous reconnection of the tubes.  Also remember, a vasectomy, while highly effective for birth control, does NOT prevent sexually transmitted diseases of any kind.

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