DYNAMICS   |di’ namiks| the forces that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process

The Health Mastery Dynamics seminar is a high-energy experience, based in what Dr. Dave calls SELF HEALTH—self management education and training as the single best way to achieve and maintain optimal health.  These seminar experiences teach  proven life-saving and health-enhancing information in a way that’s easy to remember and fun to use.

You will gain expert insight, while increasing your knowledge in an ever-changing world of medical discovery.  But knowledge isn’t enough.  These experiences are designed to help you cultivate confidence in your ability to achieve the best health with all available resources.  Our Health Mastery Dynamics stress the power of your thoughts and attitudes, and how they affect not just your emotional state but your physical health as well.

Learn everything from how to lose weight to how best to prevent common diseases.  Discover new ways to improve your physique, develop better eating habits, manage your stress, set new health goals, stay motivated and even inspire your family and friends.

Give your organization a competitive advantage in business and in life!

Healthy workers are productive, creative and are more fulfilled in terms of work-life balance. Dr. Dave will lead personal health development courses that provide groups with strategies to measure improvement in employees and potentially lower the cost of health insurance.    This invigorating health experience can be tailored to your corporate group, retreat, school, charity or organization.

Dr. Dave teaches from a platform that is informed by more than 15 years of training in medical science and clinical medicine.  He has studied the way the body works and what goes wrong in disease conditions.  However, he thinks: “If we continually fail to apply the knowledge we have, then knowledge is of trivial value.”   He is committed to finding fresh and creative ways to teach and motivate people to achieve their best health.


Topics vary widely.  Email us or contact us today for a free consultation for your event.

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