This is sooo huge!!!!!  But what does it all mean?

The Democratic-lead Congress passed the healthcare overhaul bill late last night, amid public protests and contentious debate and rancor from the opposing party.  If you haven’t seen the document itself (you probably have since lawmakers have been waving it in our faces for the last 5 months), it’s huge!

What does it mean for you?  Can we take uninsured homeless people to get an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow after President Obama signs the legislation?  Can the previously uninsured, self-employed couple in danger of bankruptcy from hospital bills for their cancer-stricken child now stave off financial ruin?  Will your current insurance plan be suddenly changed and the benefits you’ve enjoyed stripped away?  Are there too many dis-incentives for your doctors?

Healthcare has changed in America, like it or not.  Now what?  There is plenty to do now to reform healthcare for you and your family.   Get the facts; get informed; stay in tune.

What questions do you have?

6 Comments on “Newsflash: Healthcare Reform starts right where you are!”

  1. Exciting indeed! It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, now and about 4-5 years later. This plan has been altered so much just to get is passed, but it’s definitely a great change for the country. It would be nice if legislation that protects physicians could get passed one day….malpractice reform, reducing the cost of medical education, reducing the level of bureaucracy that impedes the delivery of good primary care.

  2. This brings up an interesting point. For some healthcare providers, there is mixed sentiment surrounding this–universal healthcare for some parts of medicine might mean more red tape, less reimbursement. The public option may have mitigated this effect.

  3. I agreee that it will be interesting to see the effects that the provisions of this reform bill will have, to whom it will serve to benefit, on those standing to suffer the greatest disadvantage, and everyone in between.

    It is probably true that just enough alterations were made so that some form of legislation could be passed to give some Americans a moment of pause.

    On another note, I really like the layout of this website so far. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product. It’ll be nice to ask Dave about some medically pertinent issues.


  4. Truly, Healthcare reform will only be optimized when the consumers of healthcare know about their bodies–the very reason for healthcare …

    We’ll have medical experts from every specialty offering expert opinions and practical tips for a healthier, happier you.

    Send your health and medical questions as well as comments on the previous discussions through the blog.

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  5. What great timing to get people talking about our health and understanding more about it! We’re all thinking about our personal finances in a new way in light of the nation’s fiscal crisis and laws that have been passed in response. Similarly, we all have new incentive to arm ourselves with knowledge, reevaluate our personal health and healthcare decisions as we will soon need to learn to play by some new rules. Looking forward to this blog as a resource!

  6. Finally small businesses will be able to offer affordable health care to their employees without a financial strain.