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Changing the Course of History

The story of a woman who lost weight and changed her life!


Heart Health

Dr. Dave on Windy City LIVE with a TRUTH or MYTH Heart Challenge ABC-7 Chicago

Change Your Thinking

Dr. Dave tells the story of a coaching client who thought herself to health


Dr. Dave on ABC

Dr. Dave Chicago a health quiz.  See if you stand the test.

Cooking with Deb

Dr. Dave and Deb make a Brussels Sprouts dish you don’t want to miss

Be Good to Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

Dr. Dave gives healthy heart tips for Valentines day. WGN AM News


Like Water for Chocolate

A previous Health Mastery Fantasy League Challenge. Try it for yourself!


Dr. Dave on WGN

Dr. Dave discusses unusual heart health risks.

The End of Obesity

A must see!  These high school students solve the obesity epidemic!

Dr. Dave on WGN

Dr. Dave discusses heart health risks.



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