EMERSION (ih-mur-zhuhn): the emergence of a body from a hidden space.

There is only one way to gain Mastery–to earn it through habituation, excellence and resolve. On your individual journey toward Mastery, you will uncover many things about yourself and have the distinct opportunity to grow and learn.  But “players play and teams win!”

As a part of a Health Mastery Journeyers group, you will undertake a program that will ultimately lead to an emergence from your previous state of being and thinking into one of Health Mastery.

Each person’s goals and specific assignments may be quite different, but there will undoubtedly be common ground between you.

Health Mastery Journeyers Program Highlights:

Performance-Oriented: The program emphasizes performing stepwise tasks in a consistent manner and is the basis of any successful long-term health strategy.  Results come when the work is performed.  We LOVE results! But sometimes when we fail to reach a short-term result, we fall prey to counterproductive behaviors and thoughts that ultimately lead to quitting.  The only way to fail is to quit!  The only way to succeed is not to.  You cannot quit!

Private: Reach your intimate health goals without judgement, guilt or pressure from others.  Your goals can remain anonymous.

Supportive: Change can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to a chore.  Having others who are traveling down a similar path helps build your resolve and can re-focus you in times of doubt.  Fellow journeyers provide the inspiration and support you need to persevere.

Accessible: Never miss a session.  Participate wherever you are!  Group session can be accessed through our web-based or phone platform.

Unique: No two programs will be alike. Your program will ultimately be as unique as your fingerprint. One size does not fit all.

Structured: The 30 min weekly coaching calls help maintain structure that is proven to work best.

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