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What’s Inflammation Got to Do with It?

  Dr. Dave talks to Austrian scientist, Dr. Atanas Atanasov, in Vienna about inflammation, why it’s bad and why we can’t live without it. Dr. Atanasov also weighs in on the recent announcement by World Health Organization (WHO) that meat causes cancer. Sponsored by

Caffeine & Energy Drinks

  T here has been a recent surge in the consumption of so-called energy drinks. Some have grown in popularity so much as to become favorites at food establishments and bars across the nation. They makers of these drinks promise heightened alertness and stamina for the sleep-deprived, the over-worked and the reveler alike.  But the …

Chocolate lovers take heart.

Finally, you have a really good excuse to eat more chocolate!  Chocolate has protective cardio- vascular properties.  A recent European study examined the incidence of heart attacks and strokes and overall blood pressure in people ages 35-65.  Those that consumed ~ 7 grams of chocolate (equivalent to 1 square of a chocolate bar) per day had lower …

‘3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Body’

Here are 3 things you must know to remain informed and empowered in this healthcare reform era.  Here’s to Personal Health Mastery! Know Your Numbers Know How ‘It’ Looks and Feels Know How Your Body Responds The 3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Body click here for the details.