6 Comments on “Ask Dr. Dave Your Questions”

  1. Quinn Curtis says:
    March 25, 2010 at 8:29 pm
    I can agree with you that most people take their health for granted. It all starts with education and dedication to extending one’s life.
    I read health books all the time. Do you suggest any good health books that you have come across.


    Dr. Dave says:
    March 25, 2010 at 9:53 pm
    Quinn, this is a dangerous thing. We only have one body and taking for granted that it operates on auto-pilot or ignoring it altogether can lead to some serious, and often preventable, conditions. For example, one estimate suggests that some 20% of all deaths for people >35 years old (our age!) can be linked to inactivity in some way. That’s more than smoking! Too many people, ages 21-40, think that they can skip exercise because they’re thin or young. Thin DOES NOT equal health!

    Funny you should ask about health books! I am in the infancy stages of my first book; stay tuned. Until then….

    I generally recommend first going to the experts in the field of interest (i.e., American College of Cardiology for heart related conditions (that’s me)and prevention or American Cancer Society for cancer related issues). Often the answer you’re looking for is dealt with there and by the thought leaders in the field. What could be better? From there, trusted resources are endorsed.

  2. I must confess that I do not exercise that much. You have given me somethings to think about. All the traveling I do I have to fit it in. Please keep me informed about your book. I am advocate of health.

    Is it true that Red Wine is good for the heart?

    I want the best answers from my closes health council (that’s you).

  3. Great. Change your mind, change your health!

    In fact, not just red wine but any wine, in small to moderate amounts (3-7 drinks/week for women; up to 14 per week for men) is associated with an improvement in death from heart disease. Prior to now, it was thought that only red wine was good for the heart because it had high quantities of a substance called resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the skins of grapes. Now it is clear that any alcohol-containing beverage in small or moderate amounts lowers cardiovascular risks. One caveat, underscored by the authors of a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, is that heavy and/or binge drinking does not have the same benefits.

    One size does not fit all! Ask your doctor if alcohol consumption is right for you. Master Your Health.


  4. From: Michael Ross
    Subject: Ask Dr. Dave

    How relavent is good dental hygiene to the prevention of heart disease?

  5. Great question! In fact, good dental care is the best way to prevent heart valve infections. Why you may ask. Well, as it turns out, the bacteria that most commonly infect heart and heart valves come from the mouth. This is called endocarditis and can be mild or it can be deadly. People with heart valve problems or even surgical valve replacements have to take meticulous care of their teeth, see their dentist/hygienist twice annually and take antibiotics before procedures to prevent infections.

    Here’s to Mastering Your Health!

  6. I wanted to know, I got my thyroid completely removed about 8 years ago and it sent me into early menopause. I haven’t had my menstral since. I am taking synthroid once a day. should i be taking some type of estrogen supplement because i’m still young or will i have the risk of developing cancer if i do take some type of estrogen.